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                                  PLAN YOUR VISIT


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                                  5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103

                                  Timed-ticket entry required. Advanced purchase highly recommended.

                                  Face coverings required for entry (ages 5+) and during duration of your visit.
                                  For information about medical accommodation and other safety protocols, see the Guest FAQ.


                                  TIMED TICKETS & HOURS

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                                  UPCOMING EVENTS


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                                  We’re looking out for everyone’s health and safety, people and animals alike!

                                  Here are some changes to keep in mind when planning your next visit:

                                  • Timed ticket entry for social distancing
                                  • Facial coverings required for all guests (ages 5+) and staff
                                  • Entry only through West Entrance. South Entrance closed for entry.
                                  • All main exits open
                                  • Hand sanitization stations widely available
                                  • Increased sanitization and cleaning
                                  • One-way path to outdoor exhibits
                                  • Indoor buildings closed and programs temporarily unavailable
                                  • No-touch parking payments
                                  • Plexi or glass dividers at transaction points
                                  • Complying with all Washington state and King County health guidelines

                                  Get more details about what to expect before you arrive and when you are here.

                                  Plan your visit

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                                  List of Universities in China-China Youth International:List of Universities in China-China Youth International. Register on site Sign in.

                                  Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar counts; no gift is too small.

                                  Make a gift

                                  BABY TAPIR BIRTH
                                  Joyful news: Ulan gives birth for the first time. It's a girl!
                                  Zoo to You Virtual Resources
                                  We’re bringing the zoo to you with free at-home resources for kids and kids at heart.
                                  Call of the Wild
                                  Invite an ambassador animal to join your virtual meeting, gathering or happy hour.
                                  Growing Up Gorilla
                                  Meet Kitoko! (ki-TOE-koh)
                                  Digital Animal Adoptions
                                  Get exclusive online perks when you become a digital ZooParent to support care and conservation.
                                  Plan Your Visit
                                  Make your day and a difference for wildlife.

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                                  500% population increase of endangered Washington turtles, back from brink of extinction

                                  2.2 million acres of habitat protected with global conservation partners

                                  909,000 pounds of waste kept out of landfills annually through composting

                                  Let’s do more together


                                  “Being an amphibian monitor was an amazing opportunity for me to go out into nature to collect the very data that will be used to protect the ecosystems I want to see conserved!”

                                  Sophie Yasuda, ZooCorps teen volunteer and amphibian Monitoring Citizen Science participant

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                                  Our Mission

                                  Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives.


                                  Seattle Parks & Recreation
                                  Association of Zoos & Aquariums

                                  Donor Login

                                  Language: Español | Chinese

                                  5500 Phinney Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103   |  206.548.2500  |

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                                  Timed ticket entry on sale now. Find out more at

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